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19 DIY Wood Truck Bed Ideas For Cheap

DIY Wood Truck Bed Ideas offers a unique and customizable way to enhance the utility and aesthetics of your vehicle and provide you with amazing storage options. Whether you have a vintage look or need improved loading functionality, these projects can be customized to fit any need or personal style. From simplistic designs to intricate and high utility setups, wooden truck beds can provide a charming rustic appeal while ensuring strength for hard tasks. These DIY ideas aren't just limited to function; with artistic planning and good craftsmanship, your truck can reflect your taste and style.

DIY Wood Truck Bed Plans

DIY Wood Truck Bed Ideas

These DIY Wood Truck Bed Plans list includes many options to cater to different needs and preferences. Basic flat deck designs are for those keen on simplicity and minimum maintenance. For the more adventurous, some plans incorporate complex features like pull-out drawers, toolboxes, or built-in bike racks.

If you're seeking a bit of finesse with functionality, you can explore designs with vintage appeal or herringbone patterns. Some of these truck beds also consider the types and dimensions of the wood, offering space for customization according to the type of truck and its intended use.

Simple C10 Truck Bed Build

Simple C10 Truck Bed Build

The Simple C10 Truck Bed Build is a budget-friendly option for automobile enthusiasts. Known for its simplicity and affordability, this DIY project ensures your vehicle's clean, seamless look. This bed build delivers outstanding performance and durability despite the modest investment. With the right tools and some skill, it transforms your basic pickup into a show-worthy bed for years of use.

Building Custom Wooden Truck Bed

Building Custom Wooden Truck Bed

Building a Custom Wooden Truck Bed is an affordable and creative solution for truck owners, providing a unique and durable alternative to traditional metal or plastic beds. Made from high-quality wood, these custom beds transform the truck's aesthetic and serve as a sturdy, long-lasting platform for cargo.

Wood Bed For Toyota Truck

I Built A Wood Bed For My Toyota Truck

The Wood Bed for Toyota Truck is an ingenious, cost-effective solution for those who desire a distinct and practical upgrade for their pickup. Made from high-quality, durable wood materials, this bed offers both exceptional strength and an eye-catching appearance. This unique bed will be a perfect blend of style and function and allow you to enhance your vehicle's aesthetics while providing the crucial support your adventures demand.

Tundra Truck Camper Building The Bed Platform

Tundra Truck Camper Building The Bed Platform

The Tundra Truck Camper boasts an impressive bed platform that significantly enhances the camping experience. This ingenuously crafted design, a favorite amongst many, offers ample space, comfort, and functionality. The innovative design maximizes storage, allowing plenty of room for all your camping needs beneath the bed.

DIY Wood Truck Bed

Removing the old truck bed and putting in a wooden bed is self-explanatory. But once that's done, assembling the new wooden bed gets more complicated. You will need to measure the length of your truck, its width, and its height so that you can cut the wood pieces accurately; this way, you won't have any issues fitting them in your truck. Once it's done, assemble it using a galvanized steel washer and square bolts, which should withstand all weather conditions. After that, burn it at least twice before staining it with a waterproof polyurethane finish.

How To Build A Wooden Truck Bed

When building a wooden truck bed, the first thing to ensure is that your truck can accommodate it. Measure the width and height of the truck, then subtract 6 inches from each measurement. This will give you the appropriate length, width, and height of your wooden truck bed frame.

This tutorial shows you how to build a sturdy base/frame for the bed and create a square box at the bottom with 2×4 boards. You may use any material available at your place, such as plywood or panels, instead of 2×6 or 2×4 wooden pieces.

How To Add Sides To A Wooden Truck Bed

Not all trucks have sides on their beds, but this can be easily installed to make your truck look more beautiful. A sidebar enables you to tie objects on your bed. You need to cut some pieces of wood and attach them to the rigid mount or flatbed with deck screws.

Now fix the second long bar in between both of the other pieces at a distance from each other. Repeat this process for both sides. Finally, stain all your wooden pieces so that they look beautiful. This video will show you how to build your own wooden sides for your truck bed using materials from your local hardware store.

Wood Truck Bed DIY

Are you keen on building a wooden truck bed? But don't know how to go about it? Here's a simple way to install a flatbed on your truck. The hardest part of this project is getting the original bed off the truck. To do so, you might need someone's assistance, depending on its weight.

Get some wood pieces from the nearest lumber shop or store and measure the width of your truck's chassis using a tape measure. Cut those pieces and assemble them to form an open flatbed. Use some hardware for the task if necessary, but let me warn you that if you purchase anything, do not skimp out on quality!

How To Build A Flatbed Truck Out Of Wood

How To Build A Flatbed Truck Out Of Wood

Building a flatbed on your truck is a great way to haul large items. It takes only four simple steps and some basic carpentry skills. First, build the foundation from wood using common 2x6 pieces cut to length. Second, build floorboards out of 2x6s and attach them to the base. The third step is to mount the completed flatbed onto your truck bed frame. The final step is attaching brackets or wood blocks in front of each wheel well so you can drive without the tires moving around or falling off the bed.


Custom Pick Up Truck Bed

Custom Pick Up Truck Bed

This plan is designed to help you build a flatbed for your truck out of wood, plywood, and other construction materials. You'll need to cut and trim the pieces before installing them on your truck bed. Once you've removed the old trunk bed from your truck, it's time to build a new one. This plan includes instructions on how to build a frame for the decking and how long it should be. The installation of this truck bed can easily be completed in one day.


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Modern Truck Bed DIY

Modern Bed

You love to camp and enjoy being outdoors. The only problem is carrying all your camping gear. Here is a DIY plan that will allow you to have a multipurpose truck bed by creating hidden storage spaces in your truck. This guide shows you how to make a unique multipurpose truck bed that takes the hassle out of your next camping trip. Follow this guide and learn how to fit a storage system into your pick-up truck or van to hold everything you need for future excursions.


Wooden Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Cover

Tired of carrying heavy stuff in your truck bed? A wooden truck bed cover will help you to have one less thing to worry about. This sturdy truck bed storage system gives you much extra room for any activity and makes your trips more fun and convenient. And if you keep valuables like tools in the truck, then having a wooden box is even better. The bed cover is also easy to install and remove, allowing you to use it easily. Do not just go ahead and buy a cargo carrier without knowing the benefits of this wooden truck bed tonneau cover.


DIY Flatbed Build

This handy project keeps your vehicle safe as well as secure for transport. This tutorial will show you how to make a flatbed for your truck using a mixture of metals and wood. The flatbed is not only easy to make, but it also looks great. You only need flat metal pieces, screws, wooden planks, and tools like a screwdriver and drill. Follow these easy steps to create the structure, and ensure you've got all the necessary parts to finish this project.

Classic Truck Bed Wood Fitting

This classic truck bed wood fitting is best for your truck. This floor will give your truck a unique and classy look. You don't need to remove your entire truck bed to install this wood fitting; you only need to measure it and cut the new pieces of wood. Measure the wheel reel, sort it out on the wood pieces, and install them using screws or glue. Great for off-roading or hauling larger items, this truck bed has ample room to store all kinds of important stuff.

How To Build A Wooden Truck Bed Floor For $75

This article is for you if your truck bed is old and rusty! We show you how to remodel your truck bed in a few easy steps. It is also very cost-effective: the method comes with a wheel reel costing only $75. This can be used in any truck, and its design is straightforward. It also comes with optional storage boxes. If you want storage boxes in your truck bed, put them side-by-side and position them above the wheel reel. This process is for all kinds of trucks.

How To Build A Wood Truck Bed

You’re finally ready to build that new truck bed and give your old clunky bed a much-needed makeover. You have at least 2 or 3 months ahead of you to prepare wood pieces, either by purchasing them or by making them yourself. If you plan on using the lumber in the home store, get your measurements as precise as possible so you don’t spend more time cutting boards down to size. From start to finish, this guide will show you exactly how to build the perfect bed that fits your needs.

How To Finish A Wood Truck Bed

How To Finish A Bed at vehicle

A truck bed is a valuable item for many people. You can use it for hauling, storing, or even a workbench. Some of them are not high enough to store heavy items. This is where wood panels come in handy. They can make your truck bed higher, so you can store heavy items without worrying about falling out on the road. This tutorial will show you how to make wood panels for your truck bed.


How To Build A Wooden Bed For Truck

This is a DIY project that you can do in your own garage or backyard. Having the right tools and materials, some basic carpentry skills, and patience would be best. The first step is to list all the components needed for this project. Once that’s done, check each item off your list. Then, you can measure up your truck bed to determine what size pieces of wood you need. You’ll also want to check out how much Trex you need since multiple size options exist.

Cheap Wood Truck Bed DIY

Do you love the look of a wooden bed but don't want to spend thousands of dollars? If you want a wood flatbed for your truck and do not want to obliterate the original bed, this guide is for you. Here is a great guide to help you get started. Remove your truck's base, then drill holes in the mounts for the wooden flatbed assembly. Measure the width of your vehicle, cut your wood pieces to size, and bolt them together. This will leave you with a sturdy, highly functional wooden flatbed that won't break the bank!

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