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16 Witch Drawing Ideas For Halloween Decor

A witch is an archetype of a woman considered very powerful and evil because they are believed to use their powers only for bad things. These are some Witch Drawing Ideas and sketches with different styles that you can use to create your character based on the creature's characteristics in various fairy tales and legends. Each has been specially chosen for its style, and all feature very easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that allow you to produce a professional picture with little artistic skill. By the end of your time here, you will have been inspired by our fabulous collection of free clip art drawings on witches and related themes. All these guides can be downloaded for crafts, promotions and other personal endeavors. These Witch Drawing Ideas inspire you and can also be combined to make your unique drawings of Witches. Get started today and share your creations with friends!

Creative Witch Drawing Ideas

Witch Drawing Ideas

Learn how to draw a witch in eight different styles. These tutorials walk you through drawing your favorite Witch's face and body, then adding accessories and clothing. We'll conclude with some fun ideas for spooky backgrounds and scenes and how to combine two different witches into one drawing. Our Witch Drawing Ideas are excellent for children and teenagers to practice their creativity, fine motor, and drawing skills. Just follow the steps, and you will learn to draw it in no time.

Uses And Benefits:

If you love Halloween and all things Witch, these Witch Drawing Ideas are just for you! There are so many ways to use this great set of images that it is almost impossible to name them all. You can use them as unique Halloween card ideas, print them out, and hang them up in your home or office. Cards or prints can be used as parts of the decoration. You can also send them via e-mail as an attachment so your friends and family members can enjoy them too! Get creative!

How To Draw A Witch For Kids

Learn how to draw a witch for kids. You'll have fun with this simple video tutorial by drawing a witch face and heron, drawing a broomstick and making an appropriate border for your finished drawing. Drawing a witch is a pretty straightforward process. Start by drawing a circle for the head and two oval-shaped legs. Then, draw the arms and hands, which are about the same length. Fill in all these lines, and then add jagged teeth to create a fearsome-looking witch.

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How To Draw Witch On A Broom

The black witch is one of the most popular characters in the horror world, but you rarely see them flying on brooms and around town. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to draw a simple witch, which includes a broomstick, dark hair and a happy smile. First, you must draw her body, then the witch's head, legs, arms and broom. Then it is time to color your creation. Follow the step-by-step instructions that are easy enough for kids to follow but will give adults something interesting too.

How To Draw A Witch Step By Step

This tutorial is about how to draw a witch step by step, but you don't need to be an artist or an expert in drawing skills to learn the techniques described in this video guide. This simple step-by-step tutorial shows you every detail from the eyes to the nose and mouth that makes your cartoon witch unique. Follow all the step-by-step instructions carefully and slowly, and you'll be well on drawing a wicked witch within minutes!

Easy Witch Drawing

Easy Witch Drawing

This easy witch drawing is an excellent project for young students who want to practice their drawing skills. This simple step-by-step lesson teaches you how to create an adorable witch on paper while offering plenty of space for creativity and experimentation with different patterns, colors and shapes. The speedy pencil lines, detailed colored pencil shading, and the result is an easy witch drawing which is entertaining. Have fun with this simple step-by-step lesson for learning how to draw a witch.


How To Draw A Witch

How To Draw A Witch


A witch character is famous in cartoons and has its place in fantasy games and books. This type of character is often represented as a woman who practices magic. Depending on the story, she is often seen as either dark or good. This drawing lesson will help you to draw it in a charming style. Even if you have never really tried to draw before, with our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a witch for kids, you will become an artist in no time. Take your pencils out, and let’s get started!


How To Draw A Witch

How To Draw A Witch 1

Want to draw a witch? Then you are in the right place. We prepared a step-by-step tutorial to help you quickly draw the main character in fairy tales, movies and cartoons. The guide is a straightforward drawing guide on how to draw a witch. We believe an essential part of it is the face because it must be accurate. Otherwise, you will ruin the whole picture. The same applies to the body and everything else in black and white.


Witch Drawing

Witch Drawing

This is a fun, easy, and friendly witch drawing. This tutorial will take you through the step-by-step drawing process while explaining tricks and tips. She's easy to draw because she doesn't have much detail, but she has that spooky magic look that makes it fun for the Halloween season. With this drawing tutorial, you can teach your kids about witches and make them see how magic works. We recommend you start with the pencil sketch first.


How To Draw A Witch Clip Art With A Cute Brown Broom

How To Draw A Witch Clip Art With A Cute Brown Broom

Learn how to draw a cute witch clip art with a brown broom. Drawing the witch is easy, but you must remember one thing. Remember not to make your drawing too perfect because the witch is supposed to be old and warty. You may also use crayons or even colored markers. Be sure that if you are going to color yours, you have already cut her out of the picture. This is important because you can not color over your outline once it has been drawn!


How To Draw A Witch – Step-By-Step Drawing

How To Draw A Witch – Step By Step Drawing

This is a step-by-step drawing tutorial for drawing a witch. This is an easy drawing lesson, requiring only a pencil and paper. Even if you have never drawn, uncomplicated step-by-step instructions help you draw a fun witch face. You can do it completely freehand, or you can use simple templates of circles, rectangles and lines to draw some parts of the body. Follow along with the easy-to-follow written instructions in this easy and fun drawing guide.


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How To Draw A Witch Step-By-Step Guide

How To Draw A Witch Step By Step Guide

Here’s how to draw a witch step-by-step so that you and your kids can create Halloween decorations. Anyone can follow these easy step-by-step tutorials to draw a witch, even if you are still unsure of your artistic skills. This picture of a witch is a good challenge to draw at Halloween because it’s generally done with flat colors, and you must respect the guidelines. This drawing tutorial will guide you through all the essential elements, such as feet, hands, head and more!


Beautiful Witch Drawing

Beautiful Witch Drawing

Do your kids love witches and magical creatures? If yes, nothing would be more fun-loving and fascinating than considering this witch-drawing idea. This activity helps in practicing fine motor skills and teaches them art simultaneously. You may find that it has become an all-time favorite with your little crafters. This Halloween-themed art activity is just for making special memories of this holiday with your family.


How To Draw A Witch

How To Draw A Witch

Learn how to draw a cool witch with our easy step-by-step instructions for a fun Halloween treat. The kids will love the look of this spooky character and be eager to add freckles and hair to add even more fun. This is a great way to embrace the fun of the season while practicing your drawing skills. This can be displayed on their bedroom walls or framed in an art gallery as a unique way to show off your arts and crafts skills!


How To Draw A Cute Witch

How To Draw A Cute ghost

Are your kids crazy about Halloween? Do you want something to engage them more fun-lovingly? Nothing would be better than choosing this cute witch drawing idea. It is suitable for children and adults as a beginner drawing project. It does not require any equipment or tools, so you can draw anywhere whenever you want to. The steps are straightforward, fun and entertaining for kids, even adults. It would be perfect for Halloween or any other themed event.


Halloween Witch Drawing

Halloween sketch

Gather your child and their friends for a fun craft. This DIY idea is perfect for a Halloween party or a classroom project; trace the black outlines of the witch, cut them out, then color them in with crayons or markers. You can create 3D witches using construction paper, sewing materials and glue. This Halloween witch drawing is so simple and adorable that kids of all ages will enjoy doing it. This DIY idea is perfect for everyone to make, but it's also great for decorating the house for a fall or Halloween party!


How To Draw A Witch Hat

How To Draw A Hat

Drawing a witch hat will take you back to childhood in many ways. It is a great drawing activity for kids and beginners as well. You need to learn how to draw shapes and lines accurately. A perfect drawing of this hat will enhance your imagination and versatility, which will be impressive during the Halloween season. With this project, you can quickly draw this witch with hats and have fun at home by following these simple steps.


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Draw A Witch On A Broomstick

A Witch On A Broomstick

If you are looking for an easy homemade craft project, you have come to the right place! This witch-on-a-broom craft activity would be an ideal choice as it requires an array of materials that can be easily found in your home. Being such a fun and entertaining art project, your kids are likely to adore this one. Best of all, no glue or cutting is required! With step-by-step instructions and templates for every step of the way, you will create a unique, authentic-looking witch in minutes.


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