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22 Whale Drawing Ideas For Marine Lovers

Whales are one of the most popular subjects for artists, and for a good reason. These majestic marine mammals can inspire a wide range of emotions and beautiful drawings.  We've curated the best whale drawings from the internet and put them together. These beautiful Whale Drawing Ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to draw cetacean mammals. Whether you're new to drawing whales and dolphins or a seasoned artist looking for inspiration, these designs are sure to get your creative juices flowing. If you're interested in drawing them, you can find inspiration from the following beautiful whale drawings. Take your time and find the perfect reference to inspire you to create something unique!

Whale Drawing Easy

22 Whale Drawings Ideas

Whale Drawings are a great way to display your art and create visual interest on your wall. They allow you to showcase your skills as a beginner or an experienced artist. Whale Drawings have been used in various settings: from schools and family gatherings to offices and large commercial spaces. They can also be used at art exhibits and shows as well as in history books to show what life was like when whales were seen as just one resource among others. Use your imagination to create beautiful messages with our free Whale Drawing Ideas as background or as an accent on top of your pictures.

Create A Blue Whale Drawing

Create A Blue Whale Drawing

Drawing a blue whale is a great way to introduce your child to the sea and create an excellent piece of art. This tutorial will walk you through six easy steps, beginning with defining the whale shape and finishing with shading. Add some unique elements, and your child will enjoy creating a colorful blue whale drawing that represents the ocean and marine life. This downloadable PDF guide includes easy instructions and helpful tips from an experienced art teacher.

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Easy Whale Drawing For Kids

Easy Whale Drawing For Kids

This easy whale drawing for kids is perfect for when you're having a day at the beach or spending family time at the aquarium. Children can draw this basic whale shape, then add eyes, flippers and a mouth to create a realistic whale character. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step in drawing an easy whale. Follow our easy drawing instructions; this will be the most effortless drawing you've ever made. Kids will enjoy creating their whaling adventure with this colorful whale drawing.

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Learn how to draw a cute whale in this step-by-step drawing tutorial. The whale is the largest among all cetaceans, and its blowhole is its most characteristic feature. It is a very abundant animal drawing and can be found in all oceans except polar regions. You will love all the whale drawings you can create from just a few simple steps. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to draw a cute smiling whale in no time at all. Just follow along as we get started on this particular whale drawing project.

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How To Draw A Whale Step by StepHow to Draw a Whale Step by Step

How to Draw a Whale Step by Step

Now you can learn to draw a realistic whale step by step. The image comprises geometric forms and shapes, so sketching should be relatively easy. Begin with everything drawn in loose pencil lines, as this will make it easier to correct mistakes before they are too deeply etched into the paper. Be sure to read through our essential drawing tips before you start, but remember - the most important thing is to have fun!

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Whale Drawing in Just 7 Easy Steps

Whale Drawing in Just 7 Easy Steps

Gain a whale of an appreciation for how magnificent these magnificent sea mammals are as you learn to draw them. Learn how to draw a whale with this step-by-step guide, which includes seven easy steps to draw a realistic-looking whale. This guide will help anyone master the art of drawing whales and help you have a whale of a time while learning how to draw them. Even if you're a beginner, don't be alarmed. Drawing a whale is much easier than it sounds. And we'll lead you every step of the way. So let's get started!

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Drawing Of A Whale

Drawing of a Whale

The humpback whale is a baleen whale with a distinctive hump just behind its head. It lives in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic Oceans. In this tutorial, we will draw a humpback whale swimming in a freshwater river with other marine mammals. We have prepared the most straightforward steps and instructions so you can easily follow this lesson. The pictures all show the necessary and clear steps for you. This combination of simplicity and precision makes it ideal for all ages.

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Easy Way to Draw a Whale

Easy Way to Draw a Whale

Most people are intimidated by the prospect of drawing one. But with this simple drawing guide, you’ll be able to draw a whale in no time! We’ve created an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to get you started. Then add some superficial finishing touches such as coloring and shading to complete your masterpiece that everyone will love. You can use this free printable drawing step-by-step guide to learn how to draw a whale in about 30 minutes.

Simple Whale Drawing

Simple Whale Drawing

Use this DIY whale drawing to learn how to draw a whale quickly and easily. You can draw a whale by simply following the steps of this guide. Whether you have drawing experience or not, this step-by-step tutorial will help you learn how to draw cute whales in no time. This simple whale drawing is a dream to draw and is perfect for kids and adults alike. Great for beginner artists or anyone who loves whales.

Whale with Seaweed

Whale with SeaweedArtist Credit: _stephanieolart_

Whale with Seaweed combines three very different elements of nature into one beautiful artwork. The whale is the focal point, peacefully floating above seaweed corals and more. This piece would be great to display in your home or office for its positive energy and inspiring qualities. This artwork is perfect for decorating your home or office space and makes an excellent gift for those who love the sea.

Whale Coffee Drawing

Whale Coffee DrawingArtist Credit: byapolosmom

Coffee is a beautiful thing, and it looks even more beautiful in these incredible pieces. Many have used coffee as the basis for their art, but this artist has taken it to an entirely new level. He does a fantastic job incorporating coffee into their paintings, drawings and prints while maintaining the same style and composition they use for other types of art. His style is light-hearted and fun, making the whole process very enjoyable.

Whale in the Clouds

Whale in the CloudsArtist Credit: danastasch

Whales are known to be majestic creatures, but this drawing takes the cake. The whale soars through the clouds and looks like it’s just floating by, but take a closer look, and you’ll see all the fantastic details that make up this masterpiece. With a simple yet enchanting style, this whale cartoon will surely bring a smile to your face. An excellent gift for any nature lover, environmentalist, or anyone who loves whales.

Whale Fluke

Whale FlukeArtist Credit: dh_design_heritage

Whale Fluke Drawing is a graphite drawing of a massive fluke with a large dorsal fin and long, graceful webbing. The fluke is designed to help propel the whale through the water but can also be used to steer while the animal is breaching. Whale flukes are up to 16 feet wide and are powerfully built for maximum propulsion. It is an excellent-sized drawing and comes on high-quality paper with vibrant colors. Perfect for a science-related project or just learning about whales in general!

Whale with Planets

Whale with PlanetsArtist Credit: dinky_inksy

The waves of space galaxies swirl around this colossal whale as they float in a sea of earth. Oceanic blues and greens, chunky planets and stars make up this one-of-a-kind drawing that makes us want to pack up and go on a journey to outer space. This gorgeous drawing features a whale and the planets in our solar system. It would be great to hang in a bedroom, office or bathroom. The artist has got all the details down perfectly, and it looks like it took forever to finish. Good job!

Circle Whale Drawing

Circle Whale DrawingArtist Credit: emma.rtist

This whale drawing is an excellent example of an artist making new, creative use of the circle canvas. The sun and waves add to the theme and are incorporated into the picture. This artist has taken it to the next level, developing the whale into a part of the circle and giving us something unique. He did a great job of taking a classic whale drawing and giving it a creative twist. The addition of the sun and waves looks fantastic too.

Orca Whale Space Art

Orca shark Space ArtArtist Credit: geijitsu

Are you an artist who likes incorporating space into your art? Then you'll love this Orca Whale Space Art. This drawing has a creative twist, with the moon turning into a balloon. This piece features all the love and nostalgia of what we know and loves about space while adding something new, out-of-this-world. This is great for any lover of art and space. It would also be great for any children's bedroom or playroom as it's fun and vibrant.

Whale Sketches

Easy to make shark SketchesArtist Credit: helena.ruizmo

Whale sketches are easy to draw if you take the time and get the angles right. If you're starting, try a pencil sketch first, then use it as a base for your painting. Realistic whale sketches are famous for all ages, but teens and adults may want something more abstracted. With our whale sketches, you’ll learn how to draw whales and dolphins in various styles, from realistic to abstract. This set of drawings is perfect for all ages and skill levels, so get ready to have fun!

Wilderness Whale

Wilderness shark sketchArtist Credit: jessicapuska

Bring a piece of the wild into your home. Our Wilderness Whale is a stunning piece of nature art that’s sure to delight. You can use it as is or create your scene with trees and mountains. This whale is full of life and energy, which can come to life using a wilderness theme. There are many different ways to utilize this whale; use your imagination! You could even fill the area with trees, mountains, lakes and more.

Humpback Whale Drawing

Humpback fish sketchArtist Credit: jpercivalprints

Humpback Whales are the most elegant of all, with their large sweep of pectoral fins and extended flukes. They are also among the most playful and acrobatic whales worldwide, breaching frequently and sometimes at extraordinary heights out of the water. This drawing of a Humpback Whale is a unique piece of art for any whale lover. This beautiful, hand-drawn illustration depicts a Humpback Whale swimming in the ocean with an underwater background. It is available in many different types of apparel and home decor items.

Whale Pen Drawing

Shark's Pen sketchArtist Credit: mikys._.93

Don't just collect art. Create it! This whale pen drawing is a simple and fantastic way to create beautiful art. All you need is a pen and paper to start creating your designs, which can be turned into a painting, print or other artwork. This whale pen drawing is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, and it's a beautiful project for kids of all ages. Choose your favorite colors and let the fun begin. It is the perfect gift for kids and adults alike!

Galaxy Whale

Galaxy shark drawing Artist Credit: not_lila_lila_art

Use Galaxy Whale to create the beautiful world of your dreams, from planets and moons to stars that shine on a cloudless night. With our easy-to-use shapes and color palette, you can create stunning designs that bring others joy wherever they go. Whether you're looking to solve a problem or explore a new hobby, Galaxy Whale can help you find your creative side. You could even add color to make it pop.

Black Swirls

Black SwirlsArtist Credit: sam_e_haddon

When it comes to black and white tattoos, our Custom Creature Whale is sure to impress. The Black Swirls whale tattoo is a unique piece of art that stands out. This tattoo drawing was created by an artist who loved adding patterns to their artistic creations. This whale is covered with black swirls, giving it a unique look. It is one of a kind and would be perfect for any art lover. The design is already unique, but adding a beautiful pattern makes it even better.

Whale with Ship

easy drawing with ShipArtist Credit: tailsofstellwagen

This unique artwork is a story about a humpback whale and the artist, who would go on to become their best friend. The artist encounters the whale while searching for her family, making a magical friendship. This beautiful piece would look great in your home or office. The beautiful, hand-crafted Whale with ship piece is an excellent gift for anyone who loves whales. Inspired by the artist's experience finding a lone humpback whale, this piece is sure to be an instant conversation starter.

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