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21 Tree Drawing Ideas For Home Decor

Trees are a fun subject to draw because they have a lot of different components. They have a variety of leaves and branches, as well as trunks and roots that you can ignore or emphasize depending on what you want to focus on. Add some autumn colors, or draw them in winter with snow covering their leaves. You can even do a tutorial on drawing tree bark or get creative and make your unique tree that no one has ever seen. Here are twenty-one ways to draw a tree, which should get you started making your tree drawing ideas.

Tree Drawing Ideas 

21 Tree Drawing Ideas

Drawing a tree can be as simple as it seems, but it can also be much more complex. Depending on the type of tree, you could be drawing something full of life and growth or something on its way out. Whatever the case, try one of these 21 tree drawing ideas to find your representation of nature. It can be a challenge to find creative drawing ideas for trees. Fortunately, many ways to turn a simple tree into a detailed masterpiece exist! Here are 21 of our favorite tree drawing ideas.

Tips For Tree Drawing Ideas

  • Draw simple, clean lines to create the trunk of your tree.
  • Make sure that the trunk is thick enough for its height.
  • Add a few branches off of the trunk and make them grow in different directions.
  • Use different shapes and sizes for each branch to give it a more realistic look.

Flowering Tree Drawing

Flowering Tree Drawing

You can draw this beautiful flowering tree using colored pencils. This is an easy and beautiful drawing idea for kids and adults. With colored pencils, this colorful tree will look stunning. Draw a stunning flowering tree using pencils, watercolors and ink. Learn how to draw this realistic painting in a step-by-step tutorial.

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Tree Swing Drawing

Tree Swing Drawing

Draw a tree with a swing at the end of one of the branches. Draw a little kid in the swing and have them enjoying the summer breeze. This is a drawing idea that will surely make you smile. This cute tree swing has kids happily playing and enjoying themselves, which is the perfect weekend activity for a family gathering or simply for your backyard.

Apple Tree Drawing

Apple Tree Drawing

Apple trees are common in many gardens and can also be grown successfully in containers. Drawing an apple tree is not difficult; look at our simple pencil drawing to get started. This is an excellent drawing for beginners. The steps are simple, and the result is full of color! This drawing is a simple outline of an apple tree. The trunk has four branches, and the leaves are jagged to create dimension.

Tree In-Hand Drawing

Tree in Hand

The most basic of the tree drawing ideas, drawing a tree in hand, is a classic. Young children usually draw trees to capture their growth over time. For those who love drawing, creating little trees gets out the artistic side in you. You can draw your trees freehand or use tree templates and coloring books.

Oldest Tree Drawing

Oldest Tree

Draw the oldest tree you can find. Start with a simple shape and refine it over time. Focus on one simple element for each drawing, such as tree trunks or branches. Make sure your drawings are accurate so the final art piece looks realistic. Draw the oldest tree in your mind, a diagram of what you think it looks like, how big it is etc. Give more details about how old the oldest tree is and what type of tree it is

Pine Trees Drawing

Pine Trees

When you're looking for a tree drawing idea, pine trees are a great way to practice your strokes. Use this Pine Tree Drawing Idea to help you build your skills whenever you need a break from more significant projects or want to try something new. Draw pine trees on your winter wonderland in the green of spring or the golden hues of autumn. There are so many possibilities and inspirations for your drawing.

Get ready to take your art skills to the next level with this straightforward guide on drawing trees. In no time, you'll be able to draw trees, plants and flowers that look exactly like the real thing. Drawing trees is something that many people need help doing. However, there is no need to be worried about drawing trees because it is a straightforward process that can be mastered with a little effort and practice. This guide will show you how to draw trees so that you can easily create drawings of the outdoors for reference or enjoyment.

Pencil Tree Drawing

Pencil Tree Drawing

This is an easy way to get your tree drawing started. It's not the most beautiful tree, but it serves its purpose fine. Notice that the lines are very light at first. This helps keep your lines thin and crisp. Creating a pencil tree drawing is one of your favorite things to do. It's a great way to unwind, especially during stressful times. And you'll find that creating your pencil tree drawing can be fun, too!

Easy Tree Doodles Drawing

Easy Tree Doodles

You're going to love these cute tree drawings. They're super simple and easy to do. These easy tree doodles are perfect for kids to draw independently or as guided drawings with a parent/teacher. They're super simple and use very few lines to create fantastic trees! These easy tree doodles are fun to draw with their branches and roots. This project uses a simple technique that makes the branches look like leaves.

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Colored Pencil Tree Drawing

Colored Pencil Tree Drawing

Drawing trees is a great way to practice drawing objects from nature and work on some skills. Drawing from life helps build your confidence and lets you observe the objects better, making your final drawing much more accurate. With each stroke of the colored pencil, you can create an entire forest for your family to explore. A truly wonderful experience for any artist, whether young or old! Colored pencils are a great medium to use if you want to add color and texture to your tree drawings. To start with, try some of the following tips:

Tree Shapes Drawing

Tree Shapes

Trees come in all kinds of shapes and types. Here is another array of tree drawing ideas to draw. Here you can practice more kinds of trees to add more variety to your drawings. If you love nature and want to depict your memories with beautiful art, drawing trees is a great way to do it. This compilation of tree drawings will give you an idea of what types of trees exist and what shapes they can take.

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Palm Tree Drawing

Palm Tree

This simple doodle of a palm tree is a great little thing to draw if you're into nature or want to practice sketching. All you need are some pencils and paper, or even a tablet or phone if that's your style. This palm tree drawing idea makes a great addition to your sketchbook. This is a simple doodle you can color in and learn how to shade.

Tree House Drawing

Tree House

Draw a tree house. Your kids will love this! Draw something for their room in blue and white with a little house and give it to them for Christmas. Drawing trees is always accessible and fun at the same time. When you are a kid, after drawing a tree, it becomes a play of imagination where you add characters, monkeys hanging in the trees, friends playing or an unknown story that makes you feel pleased inside.

Tree And Birds Drawing

Tree and Birds

We love to draw trees! Trees are so beautiful and inspiring, and we love when nature comes to life in our artwork. This is a super simple idea for kids to follow along and practice their drawing skills. It's fun to add the birds flying by too! So cute! Take your drawing skills to the next level by following this step-by-step tutorial.

Socotra Dragon Tree Drawing

Socotra Dragon Tree

Draw Socotra Dragon Tree with this simple step-by-step drawing tutorial. This is a great beginner project for anyone looking to begin inking or water coloring. The Socotra Dragon Tree (Dracaena cinnabari) is the most distinctive tree on Socotra island, and it's known for its spectacular red dragon-like bark. It has adapted to life in a hot, dry environment by producing water through photosynthesis via its leaves.

Tree Roots Drawing

Tree Roots

Outline your tree, then add the roots around it. You can use various colors on the inside, or add more roots, like vines, to make it more interesting. Draw a picture of a tree's roots. Start by making a small, fatter shape in the middle of your paper. Then, draw three or four thick lines that extend away from this shape at different angles. The lines should be straight and parallel to each other. The roots of a tree gather vital nutrients and moisture from the soil, where it all begins.

Tree Rings Drawing

Tree Rings

Drawing the rings of a tree can be a fun and easy way to relax on a weekend afternoon. Start by drawing a trunk, then add the first ring. Continue adding rings as you move up the trunk, becoming smaller each time until you draw a tiny ring at the top. Look at this simple doodle, and think back on all the things that have happened in the area where this tree grew. There are stories to be told and exciting discoveries to be made.

Two Trees Growing as One Drawing

Two Trees Growing as One

Many people do Tree Drawing, but drawing detailed and realistic trees takes work. In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to create the illusion of two trees growing together. This Idea for drawing two trees that grow as one is an art project idea for kids and adults alike. You can use any tree you want for this, but the key is to use the trees that are growing closest together or will grow together, depending on your style and how you want to draw it. This is exciting if you're into abstract nature art or anthropomorphic characters.

Cat in Tree Drawing

Cat in Tree Drawing

Draw a simple tree drawing, then add the cat in the middle. Start by drawing a large oval shape for the tree's trunk. Then, draw smaller circles for the branches on each side of this shape. Draw two more small circles for leaves at the end of each branch. This is a simple drawing; if you know shading and perspective, it could be lots of fun.

Tree With A Face Drawing

Tree with a Face

Tree Drawing Idea is a hand-drawn doodle inspired by the faces the author used to look for in trees when he was a kid. This drawing is printed on high-quality paper, cut out and ready to hang. It is fun to draw a tree with a face. It can be easy for beginners to learn and doodle on paper. The most important thing is patience and letting the colors dry between layers.

Christmas Tree Drawing

Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree Drawing is a great way to remember your holidays, and they usually look good on any design. Here is a little drawing of a Christmas Tree because they are so beautiful and fun to draw! When you want to go beyond the basics and draw a Christmas tree, you need to know how they grow. Laminate your drawing paper if you don't want it to smudge. It takes special equipment to start a fire, as this artwork depicts, but it's possible with ingenuity from those who understand these things. Here's an outstanding stocking stuffer for the nature lover in your life!


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