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8 Free Tank Top Sewing Patterns

The tank top is one of the most versatile garments you can own. It's an extremely simple garment to sew and can be made in any style—the only limit is your imagination. There are hundreds of sewing patterns for tank tops, meaning you can find one for any occasion you're looking for. Tank tops are also a great beginner project for those new to sewing since they're easy to sew, require very little fabric, and look great with denim or cut-offs. You can choose a tank top pattern with short or long sleeves for different seasons. Here are some free tank top sewing patterns that will help you make your tank top:

Tank Top Sewing Patterns Free

Free Tank Top Sewing Patterns 1

Whether you're looking for inexpensive workout wear or a cute top to wear on a hot summer day, tank tops are an attractive option. They're easy to sew and can be made of various fabrics, so you'll never run out of new ideas for making these versatile tops. Whether you want to make them in solid colors or with stripes or embroidery, there are plenty of options and patterns here. So, This roundup includes patterns for free tank top sewing patterns. They're also straightforward enough to sew that even beginners should be able to handle them, and this roundup includes patterns for both knit and woven tanks.

Easy Tank Top Sewing Patterns

Free tank top sewing patterns are great for beginners because they're simple and don't require a lot of fabric. You can also use them as a base for more complicated clothing items, like blouses and shirts. If you're looking for a straightforward way to get started with sewing, these free patterns are a great place to start!

Benefits Of Free Tank Top Sewing Patterns:

  • Easy To Follow Instructions: These free patterns are designed by experts in the field of sewing, so you know that the instructions will be clear and easy to understand. That means no more frustration when trying to follow directions!
  • Save Time With A Pattern That Fits Your Body: There's nothing worse than spending hours making something to find out it doesn't fit properly or looks awful on your body type. With these free tank top sewing patterns, you'll know exactly what size to cut out and how it will look on your body type before you even start cutting out any fabric!
  • Save Money On Fabric: When you buy a pattern from a store or online shop, they often charge extra money for the paper used to make their pattern booklets. With these free patterns, there is no extra cost involved, so that you can spend

Make a tank top from Existing One

Make your tank top from an old one using this easy sewing pattern. The curved neckline adds a touch of femininity, while the straight bottom hem adds versatility so you can dress it up or down. So, Turn an old tank top into this beautiful one that can act as a daring dress and a regular tank top. This unique and versatile garment is easy to make and suits many styles, so enjoy the results for years to come. Sew one for yourself or give it as a gift!

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Racerback Tank Top

Racerback Tank Top

This tank top design is perfect for quick summer knitting—its pattern is easy to memorize, and the fitted shape keeps you cool. The sleeves are curved at the top and form an X with the neckline on your back. You can create a unique look with this pattern with so many choices. This Racerback Tank is a great sewing pattern for beginners, with easy-to-follow steps and clear diagrams.

Sizes: XS-XXL

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Stardust Tank Top

Stardust Tank Top

This tank top pattern is a must-have for any sewing enthusiast. You can make many different tops with three sleeve length options and three designs! The multiple-choice patterns will make this project quick and easy to sew, even for beginners. With this multiple-choice tank top pattern, you have the option of making your favourite style over and over again. Go through this guide to learn more!

Sizes: sizes 00 – 30

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by Hallapatterns

Boatneck tank

Boatneck tank

Looking for a new style to rock your summer days? This Boatneck tank Sewing Pattern can give a fun tank a chance. The unexpected button-up back has a feminine touch that will make you feel sexy while keeping cool in warm weather. This pattern is a universally flattering and easy addition to any wardrobe. This unique design allows you to create a unique and unexpected silhouette that you can style however you please. You simply need to assemble the back pieces, sew edges, and add buttonholes!

size: AU12

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Flowy tank top

Flowy tank top

This relaxed, comfortable tank top has a scoop neck and yoke that is triangular-shaped at its lowest point. It has an over-the-hip length and wide straps. Choose your favorite fabric to make this flattering piece a wardrobe staple you can use around the house or on casual outings." So, Make this tank top for yourself or someone special. It's an easy sew and a great pattern to practice with.

Size: M

by Siloandsage

Kids' Tank Top Patterns

Toddler tank top

Toddler tank top

Toddlers go through their tops like the wind through a net, so having a pattern like this one that allows you to make a simple tank top could be a lifesaver quickly. It’s a plain top with a scoop neckline and a back that’s slightly higher, as well as high-cut shoulders and a straight bottom hem.

Sizes 2T-5T

by Zunessewingtherapy

video tutorial:

The Toddler tank top has a high back, curved neckline, and bias tape finish. Instructions to make the tank with or without buttons in the front are included. This pattern is super uncomplicated to make and easy enough for beginner sewers! Do this project with your child to keep you or her company on long summer days or for yourself to wear as an active top. The curved neckline and bias tape finish make it a unique design that looks great on both boys and girls.

Basic kid's tank top

Basic kids tank top

Unisex (boys or girls tank)

As a parent, you want your kids to be comfortable and look great in everything they wear. With this basic tank top sewing pattern, you can give them all the tank tops they need for summer. This basic kid's tank top sewing pattern below is perfect for you or as a gift. Just go through this guide, and you will have enough tank tops to last at least one summer, and chances are good that your kids can use them again next year.

Sizes 90-150 (based on the height of the child)

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Free Tank Top Sewing Patterns

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