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25 DIY Snake Hide Ideas To Hide Your Reptiles

Welcome to making your reptile hides at home. With this article, you'll know how to make those perfect hideouts for your snakes or other reptiles safely and easily while saving costs. No matter the size of your snake collection, you need ample hiding spots for your snakes. Here are DIY snake hide ideas to create a beautiful and comfortable habitat for your reptiles. Without proper hide, you'll have difficulty keeping them alive and healthy. That is why you should make your hide for your reptile. It's easy and cost-effective compared to buying one from another source.

DIY Snake Hide Ideas

DIY Snake Hide Ideas

Snake hides don't have to be difficult and costly to make. You can create one of your own instead of purchasing one from a store. We've provided easy-to-follow DIY snake hide tutorials in various styles and materials below so you can find the one that best matches your personality, style, and décor. These DIY snake hide ideas are easier to make, and all you need to do is create the simple design of a hide and add some substrate, and you're set! It's handy because if you have extra time, it will probably be cheaper than buying an already made snake hide.

How To Build DIY Snake Hide

If you need a snake hide that is cheap, easy to make, and durable, this DIY snake hide will be perfect for you! It’s great for any snake that needs to rest and feel secure. This DIY snake hide is so easy to make that even kids can do it. You need a balloon, paper, and some wax. The best part about this snake hide is that it is completely reusable! the above tutorial will help you make this.

Make A Reptile Hide At Home

It is important to know how to make a reptile hide because not only will your reptile feel secure in their hide, but it also keeps them happy. Reptiles need to feel safe in their home, and their hide can help. You can find cheap bowls at your local dollar store, or if you prefer, you can use one of your pet bowls. This tutorial shows how to make a reptile hideout of a plastic bowl, spray foam, and paint. A reptile hide is a great way to keep your pet happy and help it feel secure.

Reptile Hide At Home

This DIY Reptile Hide project is really simple and cheap to make! All you need is some Styrofoam, paint, a hot glue gun, and your reptile's favorite snacks. If you follow the video tutorial, you'll be on your way to your new adventure in no time. Many reptile hides can be made at home. You can purchase one at the pet store if you want, but it is possible to make your own without spending too much money.

Reptile Hide Tutorial

DIY Reptile Hide Tutorial

A reptile hide is an excellent way to provide your pet snake or lizard with a place to rest and feel safe. Creating your decorative reptile hide is easy, but you may need to practice it a couple of times before being truly happy with the results. Learn how to create a DIY reptile hide for your tarantula or other pet by following this simple tutorial guide below.

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Simple Snake Home For Hiding

DIY Simple Snake Home

Want to make a house for your snake? Snakes enjoy a snug space to fit in, especially when it's time to shed their skin. All you need is a couple of sheets of plywood, some freehand tools, and a laser cutter. This guide will show you how to make a fully functional home for your pet snake that doesn't take too much time to build. It can be done in about 6-8 hours if you follow these instructions closely!

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How To Build A Snake Hide With $1

This easy-to-make snake hide is great for kids who want to keep their snake from escaping during feeding. Even though it's only $1, you can use this durable product for a long time before buying another one. This incredibly inexpensive snake hide is one that you can make yourself. It is also a very portable and easily transported fence. Soo handles mean you can carry it easily, even if you have both hands occupied with other things. Once you put your snake inside, opening the lid will not bother it.

Natural Snake Hide Tutorial

What an amazing snake hide this is! The project is messy, but it can be done without too much trouble. This project takes a little bit of work and patience. It is not impossible, though, and the outcome is spectacular. You will learn from the above video how to make a realistic snake hide with your own two hands. This is a great gift for yourself, someone who loves reptiles and natural animal hides, or even those who love crafts.

Make A Snake Hide At Home

How To Make A Snake Hide

Your snake will thank you for making this easy-to-make snake hide. This simple and fun weekend project can also double as an eco-friendly craft for nature enthusiasts. The materials are very affordable, too! So if you love building and making things, this one is for you. This instructable guide will show you how to make a simple snake hide at home. Make a snake hide at home with help from this step-by-step instructable guide.

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Hide For Huge Snake

Hiding a huge snake isn't always easy. Learn how to hide a large snake by yourself by sifting plastic and straight edge, plastic cutter, and sandpaper. Ensure your container is large enough for the snake to move around comfortably. Hiding a huge snake can be challenging, and this video will show how you can get it done quickly and cheaply. You can make your hide for your snake using a large soft plastic container with a lid or vegetable bag. Make sure to choose clean material free from oils, chemicals, or soap that can harm your pet.

Natural Hide For Reptile

DIY Natural Snake Hide

The DIY snake hide is one of the most sought-after projects by reptile keepers. This project is simple to make and easy to store. It would help if you had a little time and some materials before starting this wonderful project. This fun craft project is easy to make and results in a beautiful snake hide that isn't just for looks. It will also provide a comfortable place for your reptile to rest while simultaneously camouflaging their enclosure and making it less stressful for them to explore it.


Snake & Lizard Hide Idea

The top secret to a snake and lizard hide is hot glue. In the video tutorial, we see how to use it to make the hole that enables us to hide a half cube with a rectangular front in the shape of a snake or lizard. The shape hides it well and makes it much more comfortable for snakes or lizards during sleep. Make a snake or lizard hide for your reptile by following these simple steps in this video. Spray foam makes an excellent shape, and the hot glue holds it together.

Custom Reptile Hide

DIY Custom Reptile Hide

Building your custom reptile hide is a great way to give your pet a private resting place. The desert reptile hide is suitable for desert-dwelling reptiles due to its ideal moisture levels. Learn how to build this hide in the tutorial below! Creating your reptile hide is not only fun, but it can also make a great decoration for your home. This hide is big enough to be used by multiple reptiles, is economical, and doesn't require you to drill a hole in the side of your house. The guide below shows how to build this custom reptile hide.

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How To Make Reptile Hide

Reptile Hides are custom-designed to comfortably house reptile species and provide a safe environment for the animal. This can be used with other hide boxes in multi-species enclosures or by itself. To make this reptile hide, all you need is styrofoam and silicide. It is an easy process that does not take too much time since all you need to do is cut the foam, tint it with some glue, seal it with a non-toxic sealant and then coat it with paper.

How To Build A Snake Hide


How To Make Hide for reptiles


Here’s what you need to do. Get yourself a large plastic bag that is big enough to accommodate the snake, and cut a hole in one side of it. Make sure you make a small opening so your snake can easily crawl in and out of it. The other thing that you should do is punch a few holes at random places on the bag for ventilation purposes. After doing this, place all your supplies in the bag, and you are ready.

How To Build Snake Hide

Building an artificial snake hide is not difficult, but it requires cutting and measuring to get the right size for your new snake hide. Once you've cut the foam to size, you can add a felt or flannel fabric layer onto the inside surfaces. This will provide comfort and a softer surface for your snake to rest on. Watch the above video tutorial that will teach you the whole making process.

Easy Snake Hide Plan

If you're a snake breeder, you can use this DIY hide for small snakes. This simple DIY project will turn a plastic lid into a snake hide for your small snakes. All you need is a few materials and a drill, and you're on your way to keeping your small reptiles safe in their little caves. Just get a soft plastic lid and turn it over. The lid serves as the bottom while the open part becomes the door which will be an easy entrance for your snakes.

How To Build A Cheap Snake Hide

Keep your snake hatchlings warm and cozy in a snake hide made from a plastic container. Snakes use their scent to attract mates, while they don't have a good sense of smell. That is why snakes care not to get hurt by sharp edges or pointy corners when choosing a place to hide. It is important that the container used is non-toxic and has rounded edges and smooth surfaces for safety. Here's how to build a cheap snake hide for small snakes. It is very easy to build and only requires plastic containers, water bottles, and paint. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your snake hide.

PVC Snake Hide Idea

This project is a super-easy way to make a snake hide. You'll need a piece of PVC pipe, either white or colored. Start by cutting the pipe into sections with a hacksaw or metal cutters. Then you can glue the two ends together with acrylic cement or epoxy. You should see snakes hiding in your homemade PVC snake hide today! It takes time and patience, but they are cheap, easy to clean, and easy to modify.

How To Make A Snake Hide

This is a simple and inexpensive snake hide; You can use them in your reptile enclosures or leave them outside on the ground. Build this snake hide and encourage your pet snake to explore it. This is a simple and inexpensive hide; it can be made with what you already have at home. You need greaseproof paper, acrylic paint, scissors, mesh sieve, pot, and mixing bowl. See the video to learn how to mix these materials to give your pet snake a safe place to hide.

Huge Reptile Cave Plan

A reptile cave is a good idea, especially in cold weather. It will help make you not only save money but also save your time by having to buy it from the market. It is much easier to make one yourself; this way, you have control over any customization you want. Building your reptile cage is fun and allows you to design a customized enclosure that complements the overall theme of your pet snake's habitat.

Cardboard Snake Hide Plan

Cardboard Hide

A cardboard hide box is a great way to encourage snakes to hide in. Attach a toilet paper roll to the side of a cardboard box, trace the paper's edge on the cardboard, and cut out a hole. Push toilet paper into the hole, sprinkle with newspaper or hay, so it's easier to clean up, and place a moist paper towel inside for humidity. Cardboard hides are easy to make, and your snake will appreciate the added privacy offered by a cardboard hide box.

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Hobbit Hole Hide For Reptiles

You don't need the skills of a master craftsman to create your very own hobbit hole. Everything you need to build this beloved den is readily available in any home improvement store (or online), and the project requires just two simple tools: PVC pipe and spray foam insulation. This adorable hideaway works indoors or out, doesn't require any special equipment, and can be easily disassembled for relocation. This is an easy do-it-yourself project that can be done on the weekend.

How To Make A Reptile Hide

This Reptile hideout made from PVC is a great way to give your reptile a cozy home. It's easy to make and can be built in any size or design you like. The best part is, it's super cheap! With this PVC hideout, you can create a simple disguise for your pet so they feel safe and comfortable during daytime hours. This easy and inexpensive DIY tutorial builds a sturdy hideout for your reptiles!

Ball Python Hide Tutorial

Check out this video for a guide to making a simple, effective, easy-to-clean ball python hide for as little as $1. All you need is a strong, clear plastic container with a lid and some materials from home. For example, the type of cardboard they use to make notebooks can be taped onto the bottom of the container so that it doesn't move around when you try to pick it up later.  With these materials, you can make an effective, strong, easy-to-clean hide that'll last years.

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