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DIY Gun Rack and Cabinet Plans You Can Make Easily

The DIY Gun Rack and Cabinet Plans are easy projects to build and perfect for storing your guns, tools, or anything else. This is a great way to keep, display, and protect your valuable firearms. It is fluently to build and will look great in your home or office. The plans are simple enough for anyone to follow with just a little carpentry experience. If you don't have any experience building furniture, this might be one project where it would be best to have someone with experience help out.

Gun Rack and Cabinet

The best thing about this project is that it's easy to build, but it looks good. It will make your home glance more beautiful and organized. This DIY gun rack and cabinet plans are free to download and print. It's a great way to organize your guns, knives, and other weapons and keep them safe from children or anyone else who shouldn't be playing with them. And it's a unique project for anyone who loves woodworking! If you're planning to build a gun cabinet, you will have to decide how many guns you want it to hold. Although it's usually possible to add more storage later, adding more space now will save you the cost of building an entirely new cabinet.

You Can See Also:

1. Rod's Woodworking Shop - Rifle Rack plan

Rod's Woodworking Shop - Rifle Rack plan

This DIY Rifle Rack plan is for building your rack to store hunting rifles. It will show you that you make a rifle rack for your guns that are not in use. You also get to decide how many rifles can fit into this rack and what size it should be to suit your requirements. The woodworking plans have been designed and created by Rod Carter. If you are someone who has a couple of rifles lying around the house and you do not have a place to store them, then you need to make this rifle rack. It is an easy project that will save you time and money by making one.

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2. DIY Gun Cabinet by Life Less Ordinary

Life Less Ordinary shows you how to make a DIY gun cabinet from scratch. This DIY gun cabinet from Life Less Ordinary is not just practical and efficient, but it's also easy to build and can be done with materials you already have at home. You can make it by yourself, which is more fun than buying one already made. This video tutorial is an excellent guide for everyone looking to build their own. The video also features all the materials needed for the project and the measurements required for doing this project on your own at home.

3. Wooden American Flag Concealed Gun Cabinet

Make this beautiful American Flag Concealed Gun Cabinet to keep your pistols and rifles secure but out of sight. This gun cabinet is excellent for keeping your guns in a friendly, safe place. It’s great for those who wish to keep their firearms secure but still be able to see the American flag. This may be an unlikely place for a gun cabinet, but it makes for a great project. This cabinet is the perfect fit for a gun enthusiast that wants to keep their firearms safe and secure. This extraordinary project requires minimal tools and only takes a few hours to complete.

4. The Wooden Gun Rack

The Wooden Gun Rack

This wooden gun rack is made entirely of wood, and the design is simple yet functional and looks nice anywhere in your home. You can use the exact measurements to create a rack for yourself or as a gift for someone who enjoys hunting or target shooting. You'll be able to mount up to two firearms on each side of this rack, which is great for owners with multiple guns. With the brass cabinet hinges and jig screws, you can attach this rack to any wall in your house or apartment. The epoxy will help your gun rack to stay sturdy.

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5. Making a DIY Texas Gun Cabinet

The Texas Gun Cabinet is a great project to build with your children. It is a functional piece of furniture that can add character to any room in the house, including the gun room. This cabinet doesn't have to be used just for guns either; it also makes a great place to keep your jewelry and other small valuables. It is an easy project that can do with essential tools and skills. The cabinet plans are shown in the first half of the video, and then you'll see how to make it from beginning to end. The text on the video has subtitles to follow along as you watch!

6. Living room mirror with a secret gun cabinet behind it

Living room mirror with a secret gun cabinet behind it

This easy DIY project involves building a hidden compartment behind a mirror. This is the perfect place to store your guns. The compartment door can be kept closed until an intruder has entered your home. Then, you will have a weapon ready to fire at your side! The easiest way is to hide your guns so that no one will know where they are. A mirror that opens up to a gun cabinet with a secret door. You can customize your compartment cabinet for your handguns, shotguns, and any other firearm you may have.

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7. Simon’s DIY Gun Cabinet

Simon builds this stylish gun cabinet from solid wood, showcasing how to make the main shape and body of the cabinet with all the detailed steps to follow in getting your gun cabinet structure. Simon will show you the building process of making a gun cabinet from start to finish. He walks you through how to construct the base and build a cabinet box using solid wood in a step-by-step tutorial that is easy to follow. You will then be shown how to attach the wooden handles and drawer pulls and install internal metal supports for added strength.

8. Coffee table with a hidden gun cabinet

Coffee table with a hidden gun cabinet

This is a fantastic design of a coffee table with a hidden gun cabinet. It's easy to make, and the sliding tabletop reveals a gun compartment. Look no further than this tutorial if you ever wanted a gun cabinet with a secret hiding space and room to display your gun collection. The plans give you all the instructions on building a hidden gun closet from the cheap and easy way and creating the table. This makes for a great weekend project for gun owners everywhere. The tutorial includes a plan, wood boards, wooden posts, frameless hinges, pocket screws, and nails are needed.

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9. DIY air rifle cabinet from OSB

This DIY air rifle cabinet can be built at home, and it is simple to make. It would help if you had the right tools to do the job, including a jigsaw, drill machine, screwdrivers, and clamps. You also need materials such as chipboard and sheets. A sawhorse is used as support during construction. This tutorial clarifies what you need to do at every point during the project. This project is for you if you want to make a nice, sturdy, and storable cabinet for your airguns. It is easy to follow, and all you need is some essential tools. The finished product is strong and looks good in any home or apartment.

10. DIY Gun Rack for Under $15

This DIY Gun Rack is perfect for storing your gun collection. This rack makes it easy to display your guns and keeps them safe from dust and moisture. If you're looking for the best way to mount your weapons on the wall, this DIY gun rack is just what you need. This video explains how to make a gun wall hanger that is practical and perfect for any gun room. The video also shows you exactly where to get all the materials needed for this project and how much it will cost you. It mounts easily on a wall, looks professional, and takes less than an hour to construct.

11. Making an Oak Gun Cabinet

An oak gun cabinet can be a lovely addition to your home, but it's not only suitable for housing guns. You can store any other essential items and make them safe from inside your house by building this one. To ensure no one else gets into your prized possessions, this tutorial shows you how to make a lock for the cabinet door, which can be opened with a key so that no one will know what is inside. This gun cabinet is a great starter piece in the woodshop. The project involves using a table saw and band saw to cut out pieces of wood and assemble them in a step-by-step process.

12. James Forester’s easy way to make a gun cabinet

James Forester’s easy way to make a gun cabinet

James Forester gives you a DIY Gun Cabinet tutorial, which provides seven steps to help you create a gun cabinet. It's an easy way to make a gun cabinet that will show you how to create robust, sturdy, and stable gun cabinets for your home. This tutorial shows you through the process of building a gun cabinet with detailed instructions and tips, showing you where to find materials and how to make each step. The main thing is that this is built out of materials that can purchase at home improvement stores. When creating a gun safe, you don't need to rush out and buy expensive lumber.

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13. DIY Gun Rack for under 5 bucks

This DIY gun rack is easy to do an adjustable project and can fit a variety of items. The pallets are strong and sturdy, so this is a great way to organize your items while saving space. This rack is perfect for the beginner potter who needs a good work surface or a way to display their finished pieces; the novice woodworker who needs something that doesn’t take up too much room in their studio; or the most seasoned artisan looking to expand their craft by displaying their beautiful creations. This is a unique way to store your guns!

14. Handyman tips on making a DIY Gun Cabinet

Handyman tips on making a DIY Gun Cabinet

If you want a way to carefully store your gun collection while also keeping it off the floor, then this DIY gun cabinet is perfect for you. It has room for up to ten guns, so one of these will hold most collections. Your gun cabinet is essential in your home, so it is so important to take the time and effort to craft it yourself. This tutorial outlines all the materials and steps you must take to create your custom-made gun cabinet, and it will show you how to build an inexpensive cabinet for storing your weapons safely.

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15. DIY Gun Rack Made from Reclaimed Barn Wood

This DIY gun rack is a great way to save money and make something useful. The reclaimed barn wood you will use can be found in many places, like old barns, buildings, and fences. This project uses reclaimed wood, so it's a fun and unique way to display your guns. The frame itself can be built in a few hours with essential tools or a weekend if you want to take your time enjoying the process. This DIY gun rack is made from reclaimed barn wood, so it offers a rustic look with your guns displayed proudly. It's easy to build with basic woodworking skills and perfect for any hunting or shooting enthusiast.

16. Hidden in Wall Gun Cabinet With Hidden Keypad

Hidden in Wall Gun Cabinet With Hidden Keypad

Hidden In Wall Gun Cabinet With Hidden Keypad is perfect for protecting guns and other valuables. Can install this cabinet anywhere there is a stud that supports the cabinet's weight. Ideal for those who are renting or do not want to damage the walls of their home with a traditional gun safe. If you're looking for a way to secure your firearms without spending a fortune, this DIY gun cabinet is perfect. It's easy to make and is entirely customizable with materials that suit your taste and budget. This hidden lock gun cabinet with a remote keypad is perfect for indoor and outdoor storage of guns and rifles.

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18. Instructable’s Gun Rack From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Instructable’s Gun Rack From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

This gun rack made out of reclaimed pallet wood will be a great addition to your home. It is simple, unique, and gives your room a rustic look! Rather than going out and spending a lot of money, why not recycle your pallets. Why buy new when you can upcycle? This DIY project from Instructables is perfect for anyone entering the world of woodworking, and the old wood pallet made an ideal gun rack for my gun safe. The case is relatively simple, but the details make it look nice. This will be a great addition to any home! You can leave your weapons inside without worrying about rusting or corrosion due to moisture.

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19. DIY Gun cabinet with outdoor plans

DIY Gun cabinet by outdoor plans

A gun cabinet is often placed in the garage, living room, or another room where you keep your firearms. It is an excellent way to protect your investments from children, stolen, and natural disasters. However, if you do not want to pay for one made by professionals, you can build one at home yourself, following clear instructions like this one. This DIY gun cabinet plan gives you the ability to create your gun cabinet with wood and lumber. You will need plywood, lumber, tools, and machinery such as a drill, hammer, framing square, and tape measure. The result is a functional storage unit for your guns and other valuables. This plan is easy to follow, with lots of images for help along the way.

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20. DIY Floating Shelf Secret Hidden Gun Safe

The floating shelf is a secret gun safe; it looks like an ordinary shelf and is innocent in your house. It can store your essential belongings such as cash, jewelry, and pistol. The front and sides fold away, providing fast and convenient access while leaving products placed on the shelf in place. Building this concealed gun safe shelf is also straightforward because here are offer you detailed instructions with this tutorial. This gun-safe shelf will provide you with fast and easy access to your weapon while giving the appearance that it is simply part of your home décor.

21. DIY Pallet Gun Cabinet

DIY Pallet Gun Cabinet

This DIY Pallet Gun Cabinet project is an inexpensive and easy way to store your guns and gear. Repurposed pallets make up this gun cabinet's sides, back, and top. It has a lot of storage space and room for hanging guns, the materials needed are easy to find, and all of the necessary tools are inexpensive. This sturdy pallet gun cabinet will hold many of your rifles, shotguns, and other weapons attractively and effectively. The most delicate part is that anyone with basic carpentry knowledge can conclude this project.

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22. Dave’s DIY Rifle Rack for $20

A gun safe is not necessary for hunters, but it is convenient for storing your rifles. This rifle rack does a great DIY project because it is so simple and easy to make, yet it provides plenty of storage for your guns. Creating this project for your home is a quick and easy way to add a touch of style while providing valuable storage. This is a cheap and easy rifle rack that can make in about an hour. It's perfect for your hunting rifles to free up space in your closet or closet shelves.

23. Gun Cabinet in Five Steps

Gun Cabinet in Five Steps

A well-made gun cabinet can be a great addition to any gun owner's collection, whether you store your firearms in your home or take them out for a trip. Each of our gun cabinets is made with high-quality materials to ensure that they stand up to the test of time and keep your guns safe. They help keep your weapons from accidental injury and provide safety in the case of a fire. A good gun cabinet has several locking mechanisms, fireproof materials, and adequate ventilation to preserve its contents. This tutorial will show you how to build one for yourself.

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24. DIY gun safe with RFID lock

This DIY gun safe will be solid and secure, built with all steel made and complete with an RFID lock. This is not your typical plastic safe, and this will protect you from fire, impact, theft, and anyone without the correct key card. With a sleeve for storing handguns and rifles and a shelf for additional storage, build one for yourself or someone in need of excellent protection for their belongings. If you're looking for an alternative to storing your guns in a gun safe, this tutorial shows you how to build one yourself. It includes complete instructions on how to assemble the safe, including the RFID lock and hinges.

25. DIY Gun safe room

DIY Gun safe room

This DIY gun safe room could be ideal for keeping your valuables and guns in a secure location. Building a safe gun room that is easy to assemble and not very costly can be done on a couple of weekends. It is also a great way to know exactly what goes in it and how to ensure it has the security you need. If you are looking for a gun safe but don't want to spend the money on one, you can build one yourself. This tutorial gives you all the tips and instructions you need to make it safely and efficiently.

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A DIY gun rack and cabinet will be a great addition to any room, especially for those who love guns. But before building a gun cabinet or a gun rack, you will need to consider some essential things first. You need some basic carpentry skills to finish the task without any problems. Build your gun rack and cabinet with these easy-to-follow plans. This project will not only supply you with a great place to store your hunting gear, but it's also an excellent addition to any room in the house.

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