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25 DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas For Kittens

Cats are hunters by nature, which means they love to scratch. Scratching is important for cats to remove the old outer layer of their claws and keep them healthy. In the wild, a cat would have many trees and branches to scratch, but in a home environment, it's difficult for cats to satisfy this need by simply scratching at the furniture or carpet around your home. That's why cat owners need to do something about it. DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas are just one of many ways that you can help fulfill your cat's need to scratch!

DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas

DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas

Cats love to scratch, climb, and play; they also need a place to do it. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money on a fancy cat tree or scratching post. You can make one yourself with just a few supplies from your local hardware store. Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. It helps them mark their territory and stretch their muscles. But when they scratch your furniture, it's not as much fun. Luckily, plenty of DIY cat scratching post ideas can help keep your furniture safe and give your kitty an outlet for her instincts.

What is a DIY Cat Scratching Post?

A DIY cat scratching post is a homemade version of the traditional cat scratcher. Cats are naturally inclined to scratch things because it helps them shed their claws. However, cats don't just scratch furniture and other household items, and they also cross trees and other outdoor objects. Since this behavior is so common in cats, providing them with an alternative indoor scratching post they can use instead of your furniture makes sense.

How Do DIY Cat Scratchers Work?

These homemade scratching posts are usually made from old pieces of carpet or cardboard boxes that have been wrapped in sisal rope or felt strips. The sisal rope is what cats like to scratch on because it feels good on their paws. You can also buy pre-made versions of this scratching post online or at pet stores if you don't want to make one yourself.

Tips To DIY Cat Scratching Post

If your cat is scratching the furniture, it's time to make a DIY cat scratching post! DIY cat scratching posts are easy to make and will save you money. You can find all sorts of materials for this project, such as cardboard or wood. You can also use carpet or sisal rope to give your cat something a little more comfortable.

If you want to make a cat scratching post from scrape, here are some tips:

  • Use cardboard tubes or cardboard boxes that have been cut into long strips.
  • You can cover the cardboard with carpet, felt, or rope.
  • Please ensure the posts are tall enough for your cat to stretch out on them comfortably.
  • Place the posts in areas where your cats like to scratch so they'll be more likely to use them.

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DIY Cat Scratching Post

DIY Cat Scratching Pos

This is the perfect solution if you're looking for a simple, inexpensive way to save your furniture. It'll take you less than an hour to make and even less time to build cat scratches in those worn spots on your table! This cat scratching post is perfect for your home, office, and more. Easy to assemble and looks beautiful in any area of your space.

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XL Cat Scratcher Post Idea

This DIY cat scratcher is perfect for a cat who likes to scratch and claw. It's easy to make, provides a fun way for your cat to exercise, and looks great in any room of your house. This DIY cat scratcher is the perfect solution for your kitty. Just grab some wood; these step-by-step instructions in the video above are fun and easy to build. Cat lovers will love this simple DIY cat scratcher that can make themselves and save money using their own materials.

Durable Cat Scratching Post

Durable Cat Scratching Post

This post is a cute way to upcycle an old cat scratching post base that you may have lying around. It's easy to do and works great for many cats! Don't let your older cats' needs go unfulfilled. Not only do they need a place to scratch, but they also need a place to play with different toys and climb. This will give them much-needed exercise and fun time to be away from everything else in the house."

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DIY Cat Scratching Post PVC

This DIY cat scratching post is a simple project that can be completed in the afternoon. Many people have cats and want to give them a place to scratch. This project uses PVC for the base, which makes for easier cleanup, and a felt covering gives it a soft touch. This project is Cheap, easy, and made of materials you probably already have lying around your house. This homemade cat scratching post is a great investment in your cat's mental and physical health.

Cheap DIY Cat Scratching Post

Let your cat's creativity shine with this simple DIY scratchboard project. Your kitty will love scratching the cardboard tube and chasing after the little piece of knotted rope on the string until it falls to the bottom while you enjoy a comfy new seat in your home. So, If you love doing DIY projects, you'll have a blast trying out this simple cardboard cat scratcher. It's easy to use and cheap to make, making it a perfect gift for someone with everything.

DIY Cat Scratching Post Carpet

DIY Cat Scratcher With Carpet

Want to keep your cat scratching post clean? Or perhaps you’re just tired of replacing it all the time? Well, this is the perfect DIY Cat Scratching Post for you! It’s very simple to make, and no carpentry skills are required. This is a fun and easy project to update if you have an old cat scratching post. Regular posts are made with sisal ropes, but this is made with carpet as it is less messy than fraying ropes.

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How To Make Cat Scratching Post

This Cactus Cat Scratching Post is the perfect solution for your cats. Not only will they love their new cactus post, but you'll love how easy it is to make! This scratching post is effortless, using materials you may have in your home or easily find at any hardware store. It's durable and provides fun hours for a cat or kitten. You'll need various hardware that can be used as glue and screws, but the best part is you can use fur fabric instead of rope which cats love.

Cat Scratching Storage Bin

DIY Cat Scratching Post And Storage Bin

Do you have an old paint bucket lying around the house? How about some rope? Well, this is the project for you. This cat scratching post and storage bin are simple, cheap, and easy to make -- with no prior woodworking experience required. This is a simple, inexpensive DIY cat scratching post and storage bin. Just run the adhesive up, wind the rope to the top, and you're done. This easy project will save you so much time!

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Modern Cat Scratching Post Idea

If you have a cat that loves to scratch and hasn't been trained, this is the perfect solution for providing them with a safe place to scratch instead of your furniture. This post is made of wood and rope, is easy to put together, and only takes minutes. The parts are inexpensive and easy to find at a hardware or home improvement store. It may be a post for your cat to scratch or a decoration for your couch arm. Either way, your cats will love it!

Durable DIY Cat Scratching Post

If you are looking for a simple and effective solution to keep your cat entertained, this DIY Cat Scratching Post is the ideal project to build. The design is easy to follow and can be constructed by anyone with basic woodworking skills. This post features a durable sisal rope wrapped around a sturdy plywood post—combine that with a carpeted base, and you have a great scratching place! This post will last through years of use and provide a comfortable place for your fur baby to scratch at will.

How To Make DIY Cat Scratching Post Out Of Box

This cat scratcher is made from a pizza box, so it's super easy to assemble. The base of this scratcher is a square box made from a used pizza box. The sides are then wrapped with corrugated cardboard strips to give them stability and make them strong enough to withstand heavy use. It is the perfect scratcher for those who want to make an inexpensive, easy-to-build cat scratcher.

Build A Cat Scratching Tower

This DIY Cat Scratching Tower allows your cat to get into any position they please. With this scratching post, you will be cat-free from the constant need to buy more scratching posts every month. The best part about this project is that it allows your kitty to use their claws without worrying about ripping up furniture, and it's fun to make together! This project is a simple, fun, and surprisingly affordable way to build a cat tower.

You can also see DIY hanging Shelves ideas for cats to play daily. 

Best DIY Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post DIY

A DIY cat scratching post is an easy-to-build project that will give your feline a place to stretch and claw. With just two saw cuts and a few tools, you'll have a stylish home for your kitty. Your cat can enjoy a fun and functional scratching post made from scratch. This DIY project outlines the materials you need and step-by-step directions to make your own scratcher. It's easy and fun, and you'll have something ready to go before your cat has time to jump on the furniture again!

Easy DIY Cat Scratching Post

DIY Cat Scratching Post

A DIY cat scratching post will be a fun project to do with your kids and will teach valuable skills like problem-solving and working as a team. This also helps you create something good for your pet that gives him some exercise and makes him feel really special. So, Make your cat happy and save yourself a lot of money! Create a unique cat scratching post that they'll love to play on.

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Easy DIY Cat Scratching Post

DIY Cat Scratch Post

Turn your cat's favorite hiding place into a fun scratch post with this DIY Cat Scratch Post. Just take the tube out of your tire, attach it to a piece of wood, and you're on your way to making a masterpiece. Creating a natural cat scratch post is a fun and easy project for you and your cat to enjoy. This scratch post is built from tires and wood so it can double as an attractive decor piece in your home. With just a few materials and steps, this DIY project won't keep you up at night!

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Hanging Cat Scratching Pad

DIY Hanging Cat Scratching Pad

Although most cats scratch their owners, this DIY cat scratcher provides a way for your feline to scratch something new. Make your own scratching pad using a leather string, carpet remnant, and a few simple tools. Add some color to the room and give your cat something to do all day! This easy-to-make cat scratching pad allows you to hang it on a doorknob or wall.

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How To DIY Cat Scratching Pad

DIY Cat Scratching Pad

This simple DIY wooden scratcher is not only functional but charming. It can be used in your home or hung up for cats to play with and will keep them occupied for hours! Save money with this DIY scratcher that you can make yourself. All you need is some wood, a saw, a staple gun, and adhesive. The cost of the wood is far less than a store-bought alternative, which makes it great for pet parents who are on a budget.

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Colorblocked Cat Scratching Post

Colorblocked Cat Scratching Post

This DIY cat scratching post is a fun and budget-friendly way to keep your cats happy. Dye the rope on a stick to your desired color and wrap it up, switching between colors where necessary. Glue a post cap on top, and you're good to go! The color-blocked cat scratching post is a creative and fun way to get your cats some exercise without it being boring. Go through the guide below to learn more!

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Make A Cat Scratcher For Free

A cat scratcher is a must-have for any kitty home. But instead of paying for an expensive one, you can make your own for free. All you need is some cardboard and some glue. Then follow the step-by-step video guide, and you'll be scratching in no time. This easy DIY project provides a high-quality scratching surface for your cat and lets you make the most of a medium-sized cardboard box you already have lying around the house.

DIY Cat Scratching Pad

DIY Cat Scratching Pad

If you love your cat but hate its scratches, this DIY cardboard cat scratcher will solve the problem. Your cats will love lounging and scratching on this easy-to-make cardboard pad. This simple cat scratching mat is easy to make and much safer than scratchy posts or furniture. It can be made in any size you need and fit in an area of your home that suits the style and decor of your house.

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DIY Cat Scratching Post Cardboard

A cardboard cat scratcher is an awesome, cheap, and easy DIY project! You can make one in less than 15 minutes. Measure and cut your cardboard, fold up one of the pieces, and tape it together with a few pieces of tape. Your cat will love you for it!! This super duper-easy scratcher will keep your feline friend happy and entertained. Watch the video above to learn more!

DIY Cat Scratching Post Idea

 DIY Cat Scratching Post

Add a sophisticated touch to your home with this DIY cactus cat scratching post. It looks great, complements your interior, and provides hours of fun for you and your feline friend! If you have the following items for this DIY project, you can easily set up your post for your cat: Customize your own cactus scratching post for your kitty by using this step-by-step tutorial. Cats who love to scratch will appreciate the soft wood of a cactus, and you'll understand the post is perfect for any room in your home.


DIY Cat Scratching Pole

This DIY cat scratching pole is a great way to give your felines their nails some exercise while giving you a much-needed break from annoying cat paws at the door. You can build one in your free time and use it immediately. With sisal rope wrapped around the post, your cat will have hours of fun trying to catch her favorite toy and claw at the carpeted pole. And although you may want to run away from the mess when she's done, don't worry! The unique design makes it easy to clean up after her.

How To Make A DIY Cat Scratching Post

Are you looking for the easiest way to make a self-scratcher for your cat? Look no further! This is so easy it's ridiculous. All you need are 2 brushes, 2 hinges, some screws, a marker, a screwdriver, and double-sided tape. So, here's a simple way to make a scratch board or scratcher for your cat that is all about cat-tastic fun and good for them, too. The video shows you the complete procedure!

How To Make A Cat Scratcher Tower

This DIY cat scratcher is great for any size cat. If you have a smaller cat, cut the first square of cardboard to be 1×2 inches. If your cat likes big space to scratch, make it bigger! This Scratching board will help keep your cat's nails healthy while they play, scratch and relax on it. This is great for the kitties who love to scratch. It can be a bit time-consuming, but that makes it special. The effort and love will show through in the result!

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