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40 Free Crochet Mandala Patterns For Home Decorations

You can use these crochet mandala patterns for many purposes, such as we can use this pattern to crochet rugs, pillows, cushions, pot holders, blankets, and home décor accessories. And it is about 10mm yarn and hook size. These beautiful geometric patterns can be used to decorate your home or office in a very nice way. You can easily make it at home by using medium-weight yarn with a larger hook size and by following simple stitches like single crochet or double crochet, depending on how big you want to make your mandala.

Colorful Crochet Mandala Patterns

Free Crochet Mandala Patterns 1

You will be proud of your crochet mandala patterns after finishing them and gain an outstanding project made from your own hands. So, suppose you want some inspirational ideas and patterns to start crocheting mandala patterns. In that case, it will be a big surprise for you to look at the following list because I have brought so many exciting yet different patterns from each other in color combination, design, and pattern.

You Can See the following:

Extraordinary Mandala Hat Pattern:

Extraordinary Mandala Hat

The Crochet Extraordinary Mandala Hat is the perfect project for a beginner. It’s small and quick to make, but it looks stylish in any colorway of our mandala yarn collections or similar varieties. The ribbing lets you decide whether to wear it slouchy or cuffed! This fabulous design would make an excellent gift for any occasion and in many colorways.


Blueberry Hill Mandala Pattern:

Blueberry Hill Mandala

The crochet blueberry hill mandala pattern is a perfect masterpiece for adding coziness and elegance to your collections with its lovely color combinations and appliqués. With this dazzling crochet design, you can be ready for the summer season by supplying some warmth and romance into the interior decoration of your house with beautiful colors and a unique style of tapestry on blue background. It will be a decent attractive crochet mandala to enhance your home decor's coziness and pair with gift hampers for your loved ones.


Anniversary Mandala Pattern:

Anniversary Mandala

Give your home fragrant spruce with our beautifully crafted crochet mandala. Crocheted from high-quality materials for that artisanal touch, this mandala has become everyone's favorite. Show your love unexpectedly with this beautiful handmade gem to show how much you care about each other. It's perfect for anniversaries, Valentine's Day (or any other day), birthdays, and holidays.


Unseen Mandala Pattern:

Unseen Mandala

The texture and color combination on this Free Crochet Unseen Mandala Pattern is almost unmatched. It is skillful work for those who want to try their hand at crochet or for someone looking for something new to practice their skills. This fantastic pattern will be great for home decor because the colors and design have such an impressive nuance. It can be a decent and admirable gift for your loved one, plus the comfier texture will make this mandala your favorite piece.


Daisy Mandala Beanie Pattern:

Daisy Mandala Beanie

Add a touch of nature to your style with this delicate crocheted beanie. Cropped to fall just below the ears, it subtly neatens your flyaways without weighing down your locks. The detailed daisy mandala design adds plenty of character while wearing this accessory and sets off jeans or that new floral dress. This delightful DIY project is perfect for the crochet-savvy individual or even as a crafty gift for that special someone. With various options, this simple beanie can represent your personality and style with custom color combinations.


April Showers Mandala Mal Pattern:

April Showers Mandala Mal

April Showers Mandala Mal Pattern is a versatile design that brings beauty and functionality to your home. The soft, delicate look of the crochet mandala pattern will make it easy for you to change the look and style of any living room or bedroom without needing high-end furniture. To fully embrace this work of art, attach it with sturdy nails above an empty corner to create a stunning focal point in your space while also adding comfort. Momentus colors of this mandala will stand out in homes next door thanks to the supplementary color tones that bring life back into otherwise plain surroundings.


Crochet Jaina Mandala Pattern:

Jaina Mandala

We have the perfect solution to spice up your space with our Crochet Jaina Mandala Pattern. The vibrant color combination and cute designs you'll always love will make this mandala your new favorite for gift-giving and home decor. With its striking woolen texture, many admire this crochet pattern, thanks to its cozy appearance and unique design.


Strawberry Fields Mandala Pattern:

Strawberry Fields Mandala

Crochet Strawberry Fields Mandala Pattern is an original, 27 cm diameter mandala that can be worked on with any yarn and the desired crochet hook. The pattern is extremely easy as it only needs chains, double crochets, and single crochets. It's not too warm to crochet this little mandala, so if you're looking for a quick project or something that looks nice but isn't overly demanding, then Crochet Strawberry Fields Mandala Pattern could work for you. The price includes three digital PDFs with instructions on finishing your project at different skill levels!


Crochet Gray Stone Mandala Pattern:

Gray Stone Mandala

The Crochet Gray Stone Mandala Pattern is perfect for brightening their space with a spiritual finishing touch. It will be great to Transform your home with this exquisite crochet mandala pattern. This beautiful mandala will Groom your space for the new season with a touch of style and creativity using this circular crocheted design that can be mounted on an embroidery hoop to display its interesting details, perfect for hanging anywhere you want. It looks great in any room and any style. If you need that final "Wow!" factor, this crochet mandala pattern will be a definite eye-catcher!


Crochet Fringed Mandala Pillow Pattern:

Fringed Mandala Pillow

Inspire your creative spaces with Crochet Fringe Mandala Pillow Patterns. These appliqués are ideal for those who deeply appreciate symmetry and geometry. For those who want a pillow that's not as ordinary, this pillow will surely be what they need. Be the envy of your friends with this crocheted mandala pattern. It spells sophistication, freshens up old pieces, and adds charm to any space where it's placed. You can make beautiful copies of this sophisticated mandala in different colors for gift-giving and several other beneficial outcomes.


Mandala Narciso Pattern

Mandala Narciso

This mandala Narciso Pattern is a unique and beautiful home decor item that can be used as decorative art to make your home more elegant. It's perfect for beginners looking to explore crochet projects or anyone looking for an easy project with visible results. It will allow you to work with colors, learn how it works, and create something beautiful and unique. All you need are some yarn colors of your choice and a hook!


Crochet Mandala Placemats Pattern

Mandala Placemats

These beautiful crocheted placemats are a fun project that anyone can do. Mandala style is on-trend, and these funky mats will make any tablecloth or interior decor stand out. Anyone who has seen them so far loves the design and colors of these placemats. I suggest working with neutral shades of worsted-weight yarn for this placemat pattern; it will surely enhance its coziness and admirability. These placemats are super fun and easy to put together! Plus excellent for enhancing the coziness of your home decor.


One Mini Mandala Pattern:

One Mini Mandala

The Crochet One Mini Mandala Pattern is perfect for beginners! This pattern teaches you how to create a beautiful mandala and provides details on resources and recommended materials. Not only will this creative project make the perfect decoration for your home, but it can also be used in other ways, such as a table runner or blanket. It takes less than 10 grams of yarn, so you can use all the leftover supplies from other projects to create one big project that's delicately designed with lots of flares.


Traces In The Sand Mandala:

Traces In The Sand Mandala

Crochet Traces In The Sand Mandala Pattern is a beautiful and sophisticated home decoration created with the help of crochet. It's available in 2 different colors and features traditional textures and dimensional designs that make it fantastic for your home. You can easily customize this stunning pattern to suit your taste by adding beaks or color flares to give it extra radiance. It's an excellent design for any room in the house. It will look perfect on your wall or be used as table decoration. It can also be hung over a headboard, draped over chairs, or added to furniture using loops and rings for instant dramatic flair.


Eureka Mandala Pattern:

Eureka Mandala

Make this Free Crochet Eureka Mandala Pattern and add a lot of decoration to your home with its gorgeous design. You will make this mandala pattern for decorating your table as a table mat and wall decoration as a wall hanging. You will make this mandala using the detailed instruction of this pattern that guides you step by step.


Technicolor Dream Mandala Pattern:

Technicolor Dream Mandala

Play with a pop of colors and make this amazing Free Crochet Technicolor Dream Mandala Pattern. Using this mandala pattern, you can decorate your home for any special event or occasion. The bright colors will bold up any day of your routine life with their charm and beauty. Moreover, this mandala pattern will allow beginners to do their first project with simple and basic stitches.


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Fancy Nancy Mandala Pattern:

Fancy Nancy Mandala

This Free Crochet Fancy Nancy Mandala Pattern is perfect for adding color and charm to your life. You will get the touch of nature by making this mandala pattern. The mandala pattern will symbolize the color and beauty of nature and give an amazing rainbow vibe. The tapestry techniques work on this pattern to make it a perfect decor piece for your home to match any theme.


Crochet Mandala:


Are you looking for some adorable accessory for your home that is also useful at the same time? Then try this Free Crochet Mandala Pattern. This mandala pattern is the best pick for adding decor with superb usability and functionality to your home. Using this pattern, you can make a perfect table mat for dinner night that also gives a bright look. Moreover, you can enhance this mandala's functionality by putting this pattern under the dinner plate to protect the food stains table.


Mandala Two Pattern:

Mandala Two

A mandala is always a piece of decor and art of creativity that brightens your home with its elegant and gorgeous shape ad design, so why not add this creativity to your home by making this Free Crochet Mandala Two Patterns? This mandala pattern is the perfect start to decorating your home according to your taste. You can make several by following this pattern and giving them a different and unique decorative shape for your home.


Mandala Madness Pattern:

Mandala Madness

Want to make a blanket for your home? Then, add this Free Crochet Mandala Madness Pattern to make it more creative and attractive. You can add this mandala to make the blanket for your room to add additional decor to your room by its charm and beauty. Using this circular mandala pattern, you can make a blanket in a round shape. Moreover, you can modify the color of the mandala to match the shades of your blanket.


Bobbly Flower Crochet Mandala:

Bobbly Flower Free Crochet Mandala

This beautiful free crochet mandala pattern is inspired by Bobbly flowers that can be done quickly and easily. It will work correctly as a hot pad/ trivet and can be used as a rug or even a blanket after joining these crochet mandala patterns. Cotton yarn will work well for this project, but you can use any other thread.


Quick & Easy Free Mandala:

Quick & Easy Free Crochet Mandala

Try this crochet pattern that is too easy and quick for beginners. Use cream, magenta, and light blue color to complete this beautiful crochet mandala rug pattern and beautify your floor. This mandala pattern is 10 cm in diameter, but you can modify it as you need.


King Protea Mandala :

King Protea Crochet Mandala

Use the pop of colors to complete this king protea crochet mandala pattern. You can use this pattern for many purposes at your home as a decoration piece and for other functions. Moreover, this mandala will be the best decor piece for your home due to its excellent design and style.


Magic Spike Mandala :

Magic Spike Crochet Mandala

This magic spike crochet mandala pattern is fun, and its finished results are fabulous. You can use this crochet mandala pattern to create dishcloths, potholders, lightweight trivets, heavyweight doilies, and even facecloths. You can use any color of yarn according to the weather, and I assure you that it will look great in every color.


Shocking Crochet Mandala Rug:

Shocking Crochet Mandala Rug

Use the red heart vivid yarn to make this crochet mandala rug pattern. This bright color makes a perfect rug for your home of this pattern. The basic stitches and patterns are easy, so you will not have difficulty completing this project.


Dahlia Mandala Pattern:

Dahlia Crochet Mandala

Dahlia crochet mandala patterns are trendy nowadays, and they also look very fabulous and stunning. You can use this pattern to create a rug, a potholder, a dishcloth, a coaster, or any other purpose. This mandala pattern is perfect for beginners; they will make this pattern using simple and easy stitches.


Granny Mandala Pattern:

Granny Free Crochet Mandala

This granny-free crochet mandala pattern is enjoyable and looks gorgeous due to its pop of colors. This mandala pattern will give you the first choice to decorate your home with great usability. Due to its excellent functionality, you can use this pattern for many purposes at home.


Sophie’s Mandala Pattern:

Sophie’s Free Crochet Mandala

Sophie's crochet mandala pattern is unique, and perhaps you will take a long time to complete this project. But it is admitted that the finished project will be fabulous and gorgeous. The bright colors of this pattern will bold up your room's atmosphere, and you can also choose your favorite colors to match your room's theme.


Mandala Wheel Pattern:

Mandala Wheel

This wheel crochet mandala pattern is gorgeous, comfortable, and fun to complete. The color combination is beautiful and impressive, so you can use this pattern to create tablemats or tablecloths to increase your home decor. This unique usability pattern will inspire you to make it and use it as the perfect decor piece for your home.


 Crochet Mandala Patterns:


If you are recently free of any large crochet projects and have some spare amount of yarn, utilize it somehow, like this crochet mandala pattern. This Crochet mandala pattern is easy and fun and can be used as coasters.  You can create these coasters for your own or give them a gift to your beloved ones.


Daisy Centre Crochet Mandala:

Daisy Centre Crochet Mandala

These daisy center crochet mandala patterns look gorgeous and are bursts of inspirational colors. Use these patterns according to your purpose and hit the trend of mandalas. Moreover, the daisy texture at the center of this mandala makes it an elegant and gorgeous-looking pattern that would be the perfect decorative piece for your room.


Bright Colourful Rainbow Mae Mandala Pattern:

Bright Colourful Rainbow Mae Mandala

Rainbow Mae Mandala Pattern is a lovely pattern. This mandala pattern has been designed to create a beautiful Boho style, which will be very attractive in your home. With this crochet mandala, you can create an excellent decoration for your home and as a gift for your loved ones. It is crocheted with puff stitches, so it is easy for beginners.


Mandala Sampler Throw Pattern:

Mandala Sampler Throw Pattern

The hexagonal shape can make a thing more adorable. If you want to make something with a hexagonal mandala shape, this Mandala Sampler Throw Crochet Pattern is an example of a mandala or hexagonal stitch. You can make this cute throw pattern using RED HEART Super Saver and crochet stitches. You can use this crochet mandala pattern to gain some warmness and coziness on the chiller days and give a stylish look to your home.


Fringed Crochet Mandala Pillow Pattern:

Fringed Crochet Mandala Pillow Pattern

Pillows play an important role in the home's decoration and the bedroom's beauty. If you want to make some pillow pattern for comfort and decoration, try making this Fringed Mandala Pillow pattern. Adding fringes and using soft colors make this pattern more stable and eye-catching.


Circular Fall Crochet Mandala Throw:

Circular Fall Crochet Mandala Throw

Circular Fall Mandala Throw is a new, fashionable and beautiful throw. It is a great gift for your family and friends. This cute circle crochet mandala throw pattern is easy and simple. Also, there are more color choices to show fashion trends in your life. You can also use this throw as a wall hanging or bedspread. Your choice. Enjoy it, and have fun crocheting!


Magic Water Lily Mandala Pattern:

Magic Water Lily Mandala Pattern

The Magic Water Lily Mandala Crochet Pattern is an attractive option for making mandalas. The mandala is created using eight rounds of repeating patterns to become a flower in its center. This mandala pattern enables you to create several variations of designs and colors. You can also opt for this mandala pattern for making table covers and other purposes.


Peace Out Crochet Mandala:

Peace Out Crochet Mandala

The Peace Out Mandala Pattern is specially created for the early spring days. It will be nice to see this mandala motif's sunny and relaxing colors in your living area. It will bring comfort and peace to you and other people around you.


Summer Crochet Mandala:

Summer Crochet Mandala

Stunning mandala summer crochet pattern for beginners. This easy mandala pattern is perfect for crocheting while watching your favorite TV show or movie. You can use bright colors such as red, blue, yellow, yellow-green, or other colors to make a stunning mandala.


Spoke Mandala Pattern:

Spoke Mandala Pattern

This pattern brings you a bright and beautiful Mandala. The vibrant colors bring life to your room or any place you take it to. This particular Mandala focuses on yellow, orange, and red colors. Use your imagination to achieve a mandala design that can be easily changed to your liking. It is so fun to create Mandalas; you would get the hang of it with a little patience.


40 Free Crochet Mandala Patterns

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